Top 10 Best Live Chat Software for 2020

Did you know that 48% of customers will be more likely to return to a website with chat support, and 41% of customers trust the brand more when the chat support option is available? These numbers provide information about how live chat software is perceived and how a business can benefit from its use.

What option do your customers like?

Of those who like live chat, 79% said they did so because they get answers to their questions quickly – 51% like chat because they can multitask and talk at the same time – and 46% agree Chat support was the most efficient communication method.

These statistics tell us about chat support that with its use, you get the following options:

Get immediate help

Help customers and your operators multitask
Bridge the communication gap between your customers and you

This is why you need to get the best live chat software for your online business. To help you find the best chat support – we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 live chat software solutions that have successfully hit success in 2020.

What is live chat software?

Live chat software is an online service that enables your business to connect faster with customers in real time. Like a messenger, live chat allows you to connect with multiple customers at the same time.

Apart from these benefits, the use of live chat also helps you to capture more leads, close more sales and increase customer satisfaction. And while using the tool seems beneficial to your business, your customers may have different reasons for using the tool such as:

42% of consumers say they prefer live chat functions because they do not have to wait on hold
79% of customers say that using live chat helps them to answer their questions quickly.
51% of customers believe that using live chat software helps them multitask during the support process
46% of customers express how they consider live chat software to be the most efficient form of communication method

These numbers clearly indicate a win-win situation for both customers and your business. But the question is, how does live chat work?

How does live chat work?

A live chat has two interfaces. While one is visible to your customers, the other can be accessed by your operators. Let’s understand the two interfaces below and see how live chat works.

Operator window

The operator window, also known as the monitor window, is an interface that enables your operators to track and monitor visitor behavior in real time. Although the operator window features vary from software to software, there are some common features that you can find in all live chat software solutions.

Some of them include:

Online visitors
Pages they browse in real time
Number of co-operators online
Managing the number of chats of other operators at the same time
How much time a visitor spends on your website
Access to previous chat history
Access to previous chat tape
Operator-to-operator chat to enhance collaboration during ongoing conversations

Access to such features helps your operators better understand visitors and start interacting with them at strategic moments. Apart from the list of features mentioned above, some chat solutions also allow your operators to monitor and join ongoing chats. In short, the operator window helps your support representative weave the best experience for your visitors / customers.

Visitor window

The visitor window is the interface that visitors to your website get to see when they click the chat button for support. Your visitors can either initiate chats or accept incoming chats from their operators through their chat interface.

In addition, three other features will appear when the visitor opens a chat window for support. These features include the following.

The pre-chat form of the form-chat capture quality lead is considered one of the most important features in live chat. You can collect details such as name, phone number, address, email ID, and more depending on the nature of your business. You can also customize your former chat form field to get specific information about your visitors.

The offline message research form that your visitors can see when they open the chat window for support is the offline message form. However, this is only visible when your operators are not online or your business hours are over for the day. With the use of this form, visitors can still access your brand for support. Also, you may miss out on support opportunities.

Self-help article link Self-help article is the latest feature of live chat solution and is not available in all the options which you can see below. However, its use is perfect for visitors who want to find answers quickly and on their own.

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